Recreation Paddler Training

Our paddlers rescue program has been enthusiastically received, and covers a wide range of rescue information suitable for participants in white-water sports activities. Regardless of skill, running rivers presents an element of danger. As White-water paddling continues to grow in popularity and more thrill-seekers push the boundaries of the sport, accidents are inevitable. This program presents a tightly focused look at some of the most useful and current techniques for both self-rescue and the rescue of others on the river.

Prerequisites :Class II Paddling Experience

Other Requirements : Physically capable of actively participating in all exercises. Students must provide their own personal gear

Other Recommended Courses : First Aid and CPR

In addition to our open enrollment courses held in Mercer County, New Jersey, we also offer a generous host agency program for those departments who wish to hold a class in their own locality, and can provide such training on either open or closed enrollment basis. To receive more information regarding our host agency program, please contact the office to receive the information via fax.