Recreational Rescue and Recovery

This two-day in-water workshop was designed specifically with the recreational paddler in mind. Whether you are an average weekend paddler, club trip leader, river guide, or professional outfitter, this course will enhance your ability to respond when problems arise. Unlike professional level programs which deal with high-tech equipment and large amounts of available manpower, this workshop focuses on techniques and strategies which will work with the equipment and personnel available to the average river-runner. Topics included are safety and self-rescue; white-water swimming skills and strategies; accessing the victim by wading, swimming, or using ropes; stabilizing the victim; how to coordinate the rescue effort; equipment recovery and unpinning boats; rope systems, and much more. Don't miss this exciting and informative two-day rescue workshop. (Manual sold separately.)

Prerequisites :Class II Paddling Experience

Other Requirements : Physically capable of actively participating in all exercises. Students must provide their own personal gear

Other Recommended Courses : First Aid and CPR

In addition to our open enrollment courses held in Mercer County, New Jersey, we also offer a generous host agency program for those departments who wish to hold a class in their own locality, and can provide such training on either open or closed enrollment basis. To receive more information regarding our host agency program, please contact the office to receive the information via fax.