Swiftwater Rescue Boat Operation Specialist

This two-day program was developed to provide boat handlers with the skills and information needed to successfully operate a rescue craft in the swiftwater environment. Operating a boat during a swiftwater rescue requires more knowledge than what is necessary for a Sunday cruise or an outing on a quiet lake. Current differentials, rotational forces, and recognition of submerged objects presents a whole new set of problems that can capsize or pin a rescue craft. This course focuses on those skills needed to operate a rescue boat safely and successfully in the swiftwater environment. Topics include rescue boat safety and selection, advanced hydrology, river maneuvers and swiftwater strategies, advanced lowering systems, and much more. Emphasis is placed on the development of boat-handling skills in fast moving current, and swiftwater safety.

Prerequisites : Swiftwater Rescue – Technician, IMS 200 (ICS) and Boating Safety Course (Must meet New Jersey requirements or exemptions)

Other Requirements : Physically capable of actively participating in all exercises. Students must provide their own PPE and personal gear. New Jersey residents must have a valid Non-Tidal Boat Operators License*

Other Recommended Courses : BLS for Healthcare Providers (Rescue Breathing / CPR / SAED)and Hazardous Materials – Awareness

In addition to our open enrollment courses held in Mercer County, New Jersey, we also offer a generous host agency program for those departments who wish to hold a class in their own locality, and can provide such training on either open or closed enrollment basis. To receive more information regarding our host agency program, please contact the office to receive the information via fax.