Open Water Rescue

Awareness and Operations Designed for emergency services personnel who belong to agencies whose jurisdictions encompass bodies of water that have little or no current (such as lakes, bays, or large rivers that are deep, wide and have very slow currents). This program is not intended for those who may find themselves working in a moving-water environment. The Basic Open Water Rescue course combines both awareness and operations level training into an intense two day program. Topics covered include rescue philosophy and safety, team organization and scene management, basic moving-water hydrology and hazards, medical considerations, pre-planning, water rescue knots, reaching and throwing rescues, boat based operations, contact rescues and managing combative victims, basic search management and search patterns, victim assessment and stabilization, spinal injuries, SCUBA injuries, and much more. It's two-day format includes a half-day of classroom study and one and one-half days of in-water skills practice.

Prerequisites :IMS 100 (ICS)

Other Requirements : Physically capable of actively participating in all exercises. Students must provide their own PPE and personal gear

Other Recommended Courses : BLS for Healthcare Providers (Rescue Breathing / CPR / SAED)and Hazardous Materials – Awareness

In addition to our open enrollment courses held in Mercer County, New Jersey, we also offer a generous host agency program for those departments who wish to hold a class in their own locality, and can provide such training on either open or closed enrollment basis. To receive more information regarding our host agency program, please contact the office to receive the information via fax.