Training Overseas in Turkey

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In November 2009 PRI went to Turkey as guests of GEA, an international search and rescue organization. Len Pope and Jamie Chebra we asked to provide water rescue training to the International Deployment Group of GEA. The training was conducted over three days in the Melen River from November 13th to the 15th. The training was aimed at providing essential knowledge to increase the safety of the team's water operations and familiarize the group with both basic and intermediate rescue techniques. Despite the 40F air and 50F water temperatures, many lessons were learned and the experience was incredible for both PRI and GEA. PRI continues the relationship with GEA and future training camps are planned. In addition to the training, PRI provided a deployment gear list that matched the lessons learned and skills acquired and consulting services for the team.

Cem Behar, one of the group's leaders, said "working with PRI was one of the best training experiences we have had. Both Len and Jamie were easy to work with. We look forward to working with Len and Jamie again."

Despite the condensed time, each of the members in the training said they felt more comfortable in the water, understood their limitations, had a greater respect for the power of moving water, and most important felt they would be able to function safer in a moving water environment.